A Quick Fix for your Stayput Bungee Problems!

Those little bungee cords that you have on your canvas will make putting your canvas on easy but when they loose their elasticity they will no longer properly secure the panel so it time for them to go.

Regardless of whether you have the white or black shock cords it's only a matter time before the need replacing. These little elastic loops actually have a name and they are called "Stayput" (which is their actual trade name). As these Stayput's are always pulled tight when they are in place and will be stretched even more each time you put your canvas panels on or take them off they will eventually wear. Because of this they are considered a maintenance item on your canvas enclosure panels. Fortunately, they are a simple item to replace and a job that just about any mariner can take on.

While they don't require any special installation tools, you will need a few handy tools like a punch, a large socket and a hammer to get the job done. Our video above will take you through the process of replacing them right on the dock. We hope you enjoy the video and if you need the replacement cords please contact us.

Posted by KevinC
KevinC is the owner of Cove Marine, Inc and has been an active boater with over 30 years experience behind the helm. He loves to work, learn and play with just about anything marine related. With his extensive background in technology he especially likes integrating technology into to anything in the marine world.